Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunny Florida!

I wish I had some pictures to go along with this post, but my camera is in storage. Maybe I will come back and add some pictures once we have access to our belongings.

Our last week in Idaho was a little crazy. The movers came on the 4th to box us, and came back on the 5th to load our moving truck. Our flight wasn't until the 10th, so we spent the next few nights at the Bills' house. Their family was so sweet to us!!! Kellie cleaned her house from top to bottom, gave us our own room, cooked dinner for us, and helped me paint Preston's room in our house before we left. I will never forget her kindness. It was so wonderful to have a place to stay that felt like "home." The Averetts threw a little Going Away Party for the kids, but somehow all the parents were there too (hmmm....wonder if that was planned???). It was so sweet. All in all, it was a crazy week, but I wouldn't change it one bit. I cried when we left Hayden. I will miss our friends, our ward and the community.

On the 8th of March, we met the nice family who will be renting our house until it sells. They have four children and one on the way. They seem like a really sweet family. I am a little jealous that they will get to be in our house, in our ward, with our friends. But, goes on. I wish them well on their new journey.

We arrived in Ft Myers on Wednesday, March 10th. Technically, it was March 11th, since we arrived after midnight. Our first two days were filled with thunderstorms and downpours. Then the sun came out on Saturday, and it has been beautiful ever since. The weather is great right now. The temperature reaches about 75 during the day with a wonderful spring breeze blowing. The kids and I have been taking walks around our condo community. I think Emilia got a little sunburn on her shoulders today.

Preston and Emilia found seashells while we were looking at houses with our realtor. It is crazy to me that these houses were being built on sand. There were thousands of seashells on the lots, and we were miles and miles from nearest beach.

We like the area so far, especially now that our van has arrived and we can explore a little more. We found a really cute little place here that sells fresh-sqeezed orange juice and locally grown citrus fruits. It is the best tasting juice I've ever had. We'll see what tomorrow holds...